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By joining BBuffalo, you can take home more of your contract income. BBuffalo enables you to take full advantage of your status as a site-based contractor and claim back tax paid on expenses you incur such as travel, daily subsistence and overnight accommodation. This means that you will get back an amount equivalent to the tax that you would have paid on the sum that you claim. For example, if you earn £500, and your claim is £100, tax is only due on £400. Therefore your tax decreases and your take-home pay increases. See the expenses section for more details of what can be claimed.

It all adds up to mean that you're better off financially. Use our contractor calculator to get an idea of what your take home pay could be. And because BBuffalo members can take your account with you as you move from contract to contract, all your affairs remain in one secure online location, making your life easier.

  • Claim your expenses
  • Reduce your tax liability
  • Be better off financially
  • Take your account with you