Umbrella Company

How we work
with you

We run payroll every day and pay contractors by the BACS payment system (optional CHAPS payments cost extra). It is quick and easy for us to set up the necessary procedures between you and us. We have a standard way of working, but we can adapt should you need things done slightly differently.

Our experience has shown us that it works best when you tell us how many hours a contractor has worked for you and at what rate. That way when we send you an invoice it shows the amount you were expecting. We are also happy to raise an invoice from a timesheet that a contractor has submitted to us for you to approve and pay against.

We prefer to send you an invoice by email, because it is much quicker, but we can fax or post an invoice to you. Let us know which you prefer.

We will send you all the details of the BBuffalo umbrella the first time one of your contractors uses us. If you need any further information or help at any time, don't hesitate to get in touch.