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Sound advice and good deals

It's our business to help you get the most out of the money you earn, so we've teamed up with Forum Wealth Management to make sure you get the right advice.

Together we've negotiated some competitive deals for you on a range of financial services. One key point about Forum is that they understand how you work - that your income may vary, so they're on your wavelength from the start.

MORTGAGES - A roof over your head

Some mortgage lenders find it hard to deal with contract workers because you don't fit their standard way of thinking. That's why we've linked up with a team of advisers who understand your employment situation, and are ready to tailor a mortgage offer to suit you - whether you're buying a first home or looking to re-mortgage your existing one.

PROTECTION - Protect yourself and your family

How would you manage if you were unable to work because of a serious illness? How would you pay the bills and keep some money coming in? It's easy to believe it won't happen to you, but it happens to thousands of workers every year. Talk to Forum about protecting yourself and your family with Income Protection, Critical Illness Cover or Private Medical Insurance.

PENSIONS - Take care of your future

Enjoying your lifestyle? It's great when you're earning money - but unless you can see yourself getting by on a State Pension, it's worth taking steps to provide for yourself. The earlier you start putting money into a pension, the more you can look forward to.

INVESTMENTS - Where to put it once you’ve earned it

You've worked hard for your money and you'll want your money to work for you. An adviser can help you establish the right investment for your individual circumstances.

To arrange to speak to an adviser…

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