Umbrella Company

Fast, simple system

Every week, you submit your timesheet and on your behalf, we issue invoices, collect payments, calculate tax and National Insurance, and pay the net amount (quickly) into your bank account.

You or your agency/client confirm the hours you have worked each week and the rate at which you are being paid. Your agency sends us payment for your work and you record the expenses you've incurred on our system. On the SAME DAY we receive payment from your agency / client, we calculate the tax and NI and pay the money due to you directly into your bank.

Each time you're paid, we send you a detailed payslip, so you can keep a full record of earnings, income tax and NI contributions as your proof of tax payment.

Your allowable expenses are processed at the end of each tax year and you will receive tax relief on those expenses via a tax rebate.

  • Confirm your hours and expenses
  • Your agency / client sends us payment
  • We calculate your tax and NI and pay you the SAME DAY
  • We send you clear records
  • You receive tax-relief back on allowable expenses annually