Umbrella Company

Frequently asked questions

We have tried to think of every question you could ask and put the answers below. However you may still need additional advice. Our accountants are just an email away. Pop your question to them and they will come back with a clear answer.

Who uses BBuffalo?
Contractors, freelancers and temporary workers in all sectors, such as IT, telecoms, healthcare, engineering and many other sectors can all use BBuffalo. If you are working on a non permanent basis, then you could benefit by using BBuffalo. Most of our members work via a recruitment agency and it is easier and more profitable for them to use BBuffalo rather than become an employee of the agency or trying to work through their own limited company. Top

How much does the service cost?
BBuffalo's umbrella company service costs a flat £9.50 per week (from as little as £4.84 net of tax-relief). There are no set-up charges, exit fees or other hidden charges. Using BBuffalo enables you to keep more of the money you earn, so you're better off even after our deduction.  Top

Do I have to pay anything when I'm not working?
No, nothing. It is a pay-as-you-use service; you only pay for those weeks that you are working. If you take a holiday or break between contracts or stop contracting, there is nothing to pay. Top

Can I stop using BBuffalo at anytime?
Yes. Your affairs with BBuffalo are always up to date and you can ask for your P45 at any time. There is no exit charge. Top

How long will it take to join?
We can have you up and running almost instantly. Just apply online, put us in touch with your agency or client and it's done. Top

Can I contract with any agency?
Yes. We work with lots of agencies, but if yours is new to us our Agency Team will contact them. Top

Is there a charge if I change agencies?
No. Let us know which agency you are changing to and we'll do the rest. Top

I am contracting overseas, can I use BBuffalo?
If you are a UK tax resident working overseas (on a contract less than six months' duration) and being paid in sterling BBuffalo can usually help you. If you are an overseas contractor working in the UK and being paid in sterling with the right to work in the UK then we can help you. Whenever working overseas you should always check local tax and labour regulations. Top

Do I need to tell you if I work elsewhere or claim benefits between contracts?
Yes. With this information we can ensure that you are being taxed at the correct level. Top

I have finished my contract. Do I need to inform you?
Yes. If you intend to look for a new contract, we can keep your account open. If you are moving into permanent employment we can issue you a P45. Top

Does BBuffalo find work for me?
No. BBuffalo is not an employment agency. Once you have found work we take care of your accounts, tax and pay so that you take home more of your earnings. Top

What is my employment status?
You are a self employed contractor. However, for tax purposes, you are treated as an employee of  BBuffalo. Top

What are the terms of my engagement?
We will send you a contract for service when you join. You need to read the terms, then sign and return a copy to us.  Top

What insurance cover do I have?
You have Professional Indemnity insurance (£2 million), Employer's Liability insurance (£10 million) and Public Liability insurance(£5 million). Top

How much can I claim in expenses?
There is no limit provided they are legitimate expenses for the sole purpose of carrying out your job.  Top

Do I receive holiday pay?
The rate agreed with your agency/client is inclusive of holiday pay. We do not hold back any of your pay for holidays; we pass all of your pay to you as soon as we receive it from your agency. Holiday pay is separately indentified on your pay advice. It is up to you to decide if you wish to put money aside for a holiday. Top

Will I have further tax to pay?
You won't have any further tax to pay on any of your earnings via BBuffalo. Your tax is always paid and up to date. Top

Do I have to complete a self-assessment tax return?
Not necessarily. If it is required our membership and loyalty discounts make it very affordable to have professional accountants do this on your behalf. This will ensure that you don't pay a penny more tax than you need. Contact us for details.  Top

How does IR35 affect me?
It doesn't. You are fully taxed as an employee and therefore do not need to worry about IR35. Top

Can you help me get a Visa/Work Permit?
No. This is not a service we provide. Top

Can you provide me with references for mortgages, accommodation etc.?
Yes. We are happy to provide references on request for a nominal charge. Alternatively we can also introduce you to our recommended mortgage advisor.  Top

What is your phone number?
BBuffalo is an online service. We use the phone as required to communicate with agencies or contractors to ensure accurate and on time payments are made. However we do not take incoming sales calls or general enquires by phone. Agencies should check their BBuffalo contract for our phone number if they wish to contact us urgently. Top

Are there additional costs?
Some employment costs are passed from the agency/client to the contractor. An umbrella company contractor's pay rate includes holiday pay and employer's NI. To cover these costs, the agency or client will normally offer a higher hourly/daily rate to umbrella company workers. Top

What is a BBuffalo contractor's minimum rate?
BBuffalo contractors must earn at least £7.40/hour. This ensures contractors will still earn the national minimum wage after holiday pay, employer's NI and our fee have been deducted. Top