Contractor Calculator

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Enter your values for an average week in our umbrella company calculator and then press 'Request Calculation' to see how much you could be saving with BBuffalo.

Contract expenses are set initially at a typical £100 per week for illustrative purposes. You can change this to a more appropriate figure for yourself.

Comparing like with like

The main question on contractors’ minds is usually 'How much money will I take home?' However, when comparing different umbrella services you need to ensure you are comparing like with like and a full breakdown of how the calculation was arrived at should be made available to you. The only difference between different providers should be the margin charged since all other figures are determined by HMRC regulations.

Please note: Umbrella company contractors are normally engaged at a higher rate because their rate includes holiday pay and employer's NI. The agency/client will usually offer umbrella contractors 20-25% more than those on the agencies or client's own payroll accordingly. The umbrella calculator assumes that the rate entered is inclusive of the appropriate uplift. BBuffalo's contractor calculator is based on 2012/13 tax data.

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