Umbrella Company

Agency FAQs

Why do BBuffalo invoices include VAT?
We must charge VAT on every invoice, whatever the nature of the service provided. Top

Who takes care of legal requirements?
We make sure BBuffalo contractors comply with current legislation and stay abreast of changes (e.g. IR35, money laundering and so on). Top

Are BBuffalo contractors insured whilst they are working?
Yes. Every contractor has Employers & Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance (some occupational exclusions do apply- contact us for details). Top

Should you pay by cheque or BACS?
To ensure contractors are paid promptly you should pay by BACS. Top

Payment terms – is 14 or 30 days OK?
This depends on what you have agreed with the contractor and whether the contractor is prepared to wait for payment. Top

Will you sign our Terms & Conditions?
We will consider Terms & Conditions on a case by case basis. Contact us to discuss these further. Top

What is a BBuffalo contractor's minimum rate?
BBuffalo contractors must earn at least £7.20/hour to avoid breaching minimum wage. The contract rate must cover holiday pay, employers NI and the umbrella company fee with the remainder above national minimum wage. Top