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Having contractors who use BBuffalo is a big plus for your business, it saves you time, hassle and money, and lets you get on with doing what you do best. We provide a swift reliable online service, operate a compliant risk-free system and our model allows low paid contractors to get tax back on expenses without breaching minimum wage.

Service comes first at BBuffalo (see our Service Charter), so you can rest assured that payments are made to contractors correctly, on time, every time.

By referring your contractors to BBuffalo you do them a favour, because they'll receive an excellent service at the lowest possible fee. Simply fill in our online form to refer individual contractors anytime or get in touch if you wish to refer a larger group of contractors to our services.

BBuffalo's payroll service is administered by a fully qualified accountancy practice that has provided specialist services to over 15,000 contractors since 1996. We are fully compliant with UK tax legislation.

Unlike other umbrellas, working with BBuffalo carries absolutely no risk to the agency or client. Because we process tax-relief claims annually, HMRC approval is inherently involved in the rebate payment. If HMRC disputes the claim, tax-relief simply won't be paid back to contractors and there is no risk of 3rd party liability to the agency or client for unpaid taxes.

We offer great value to all contractors but those earning £10/hour or less will always be better off with us that other umbrellas. Firstly, because we operate the lowest fee, we have the lowest minimum contract rate that can be paid without breaching the national minimum wage. With BBuffalo low paid contractors can still claim tax back on their legitimate expenses. This means the return they get from BBuffalo is unbeatable.

Our service guarantee states that should we make a mistake, we will correct and fully refund the contractor's fee.

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