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About BBuffalo

BBuffalo is here to enable you, the contractor, to work more profitably. We look after your accounting, payroll, tax and paperwork, allowing you to get on and do your job. We are fully UK compliant, and we are a fully UK based onshore company with offices in central London.

BBuffalo is administered by a professional team of qualified Chartered Accountants who have been advising contractors since 1996. This specialised technical knowledge has helped thousands of contractors take home more of their earnings. Also, from its roots within JBC Training, BBuffalo has many years experience of working with contractors and the agencies that place contractors.

In 2009, BBuffalo redeveloped our umbrella company service. While the contractor market, was facing the worst recession in over 20 years, most umbrella providers were adding to their convoluted portfolio of services and offers, with prices to match. BBuffalo realised that a demand had arisen for a simple umbrella company service at the lowest possible fee. BBuffalo responded by reinventing itself as a no-frills online Umbrella Company service at the UK's lowest fixed weekly fee.

With this know-how and expertise as the solid foundation for BBuffalo's service, we are confident of delivering an accurate and reliable payroll services that will maximise your net income for less than you'd pay anywhere else.