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Less is more! BBuffalo’s umbrella company service maximises your net income while keeping you safe and compliant all for as little as £12 per week.

We offer a service that’s personalised to our customers’ needs with our friendly and highly experienced team dedicated to maximising your income, streamlining your admin and keeping you legal.

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We aim to save you money by offering what we believe is the UK's cheapest umbrella company service in terms of value for money.

Run by a team of chartered accountants, we have been successfully advising freelance contractors since 1996.

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Umbrella Company

An umbrella company provides contractors who work under a temporary contract with the following services: invoicing the client or agency for work done, collecting payments and calculating tax and National Insurance payments due, providing employment insurances and facilitating tax-relief on allowable expenses.

Benefits of Umbrella Company Services

An umbrella company is typically the most straightforward and safest option for a contractor to operate under, avoiding the administration burden associated with running a limited company. Being on an agency's or client's payroll is likely to be less tax-efficient, and operating through a limited company is usually more complicated and often involves paying the contractor partly in dividends.

Receiving payments in dividends can appear to be beneficial to the contractor, reducing the amount of NI the contractor pays. However, not all contractors are entitled to pay themselves in dividends and this could lead to a large future tax bill and a challenge by HMRC against IR35 tax legislation for unpaid tax and National Insurance. Using an umbrella company removes many of the hassles associated with running a limited company.

The term umbrella company is often used misleadingly as a general term to cover all types of services to contractors, but a genuine umbrella company will not pay a contractor using dividends.

Why BBuffalo?

BBuffalo's umbrella company service enables contractors to easily and legitimately take home more of the money they earn.  We are a UK based, onshore company with offices in central London and the services we provide are fully UK compliant.

With BBuffalo, contractors are able to claim tax-relief on genuine business expenses. Contractors do not have to worry about end of year or future tax bills when using BBuffalo, because unlike some solutions, with BBuffalo, a contractor's tax and NI is always paid up to date.

BBuffalo's umbrella company is easy to use, the contractor can input all their hours and expenses online via their own secure BBuffalo account.

BBuffalo charges a low fee from only £12 per week for a complete PAYE umbrella company service. BBuffalo is a low fee, pay-as-you-use service with no set-up fees, exit fees or hidden charges.

All BBuffalo contractors are fully insured with Professional Indemnity Insurance and Employer's and Public Liability Insurance. BBuffalo runs a payroll everyday; this means that contractors are not left waiting for the next payroll date to receive their money.